Core Ethic

RMACS is a company committed to using our collective resources to promote and enhance the success of our customers. Integrity, Discipline, and Empowerment of People are our fundamental tools.

We will use current Technology and Advanced Strategies to Market, Launch Plan, Execute, Operate and Maintain Projects. Our people are our most valuable asset and Service to our Customers is our Primary Mission.

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We can help from beginning to end

As a Full Service Construction Management Firm, RMACS can assist clients thought the Project Development Timeline. Establishing an accurate Budget that can establish the Project Development Limits is essential. As your project moves from the Conception Stage to the Construction Phase Team Building Communication and Planning eliminate many problems that occur during the Construction Phase.

Construction Management

If the Development Stage was done well, managing the Construction Phase becomes a lot easier. Eighty percent of problems that occur during the Construction Phase are a result of something stepped over in the Development Stage. RMACS uses established and tested programs to assure a smooth Construction Phase. When a project is well managed conflicts are eliminated and all stakeholders reach a higher level of efficiency. Most importantly everybody enjoys the experience.

Contract Services

Every Project has periods of high demand that require high concentrations of professional manpower. RMACS can provide temporary staff that has the experience to meet temporary demands and keep your project running smooth. Staff can be provided on a part-time, or, temporary full-time basis. Contract staff can reside on your site or can work from the RMACS office. We offer staff accustom to being dispatched to any global site.

Project Planning

“Plan the work and work the plan”. Good planning is fundamental to a successful conflict free project. After a Project Plan is developed, it is essential that the plan be communicated to all stakeholders. RMACS can assist your team in this process. We are experienced in most management software and can adapt to a customer’s specific project needs.

Staff Training

Staff TrainingRMACS has established and documented processes and procedures for all Project Phases. Staff can be trained on your established procedures or procedures can be developed for your specific company needs. We have established training modules from Employee Orientation, Team Building, Service Policy, Project Management, Project Documentation, Conflict Resolution, and many other essential construction related processes. Training, (something you may not have time for), allows you to Program Every Employee for Success.

Dispute Resolution

Establishing a Team atmosphere from the beginning, establishing well defined expectations, and respecting every team member’s need to execute, will eliminate most disputes. Creating an attitude of true partnership allows issues to be worked out before they become problems. When legitimate issues arise RMACS staff can assist in resolving issues at the local level. In 35 years of contracting Robert Avendt, RMACS President has never been involved in a litigated dispute.

Project Closeout

“It’s not how you start its how you Finish that Counts” Project Closeout is an Area were resources are often strained. The project is complete and you want to move resources to new projects. Project Commissioning on modeled jobs is becoming of major importance to clients and designers. This is a good time to bring in supplemental staff that is dedicated to a quick, clean, and complete Project Close Out. Documents are gathered, completed, published, and turned over, in one complete package.

Operational Set Up and Maintenance Programs

Most Contractors look to Owners to take the helm at turn over. This is an area were contractors sometimes don’t take advantage of the opportunity to extend their relationship with a Customer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a supplemental staff that could support this important work segment? RMACS has trained professionals who have the experience to support your efforts. Establishing long term relationships with your customers give you a “leg up” on future work.

Owners Representation

“Why not have the Fox watching the Chicken Coop?” It has become more and more important to have experienced professional’s protect your interests. Setting the stage properly, supporting a team environment and following established protocols, promotes a win-win situation. Preventing and managing conflict can make your project experience rewarding and satisfying not to mention avoiding the needless waste of time and money that poor management breeds.

Project Management

When a project is managed following an established process, and having people who understand and follow that process, success is guaranteed. Most Project Dysfunction is a result of somebody stepping over a fundamental process that exists to promote success and harmony. RMACS has developed and tested processes for all project phases. In addition it is important to identify that people can make a huge difference. Having the right team and chemistry can make all the difference in the world. Ask about RMACS “Programming for Success policies.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

“its one thing to say you are going to do it, it’s another thing to actually do it” Are all the visions of your company being realized?” We want to follow established practice but it’s so hard to get everybody on the Band Wagon” Company Culture and Compliance don’t happen by accident. Quality is a function of training, communicating the vision and rewarding compliance. RMACS can support you efforts for certifications and help your staff understand and support you vision.


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