Core Ethic

RMACS is a company committed to using our collective resources to promote and enhance the success of our customers. Integrity, Discipline, and Empowerment of People are our fundamental tools.

We will use current Technology and Advanced Strategies to Market, Launch Plan, Execute, Operate and Maintain Projects. Our people are our most valuable asset and Service to our Customers is our Primary Mission.

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Solution No.1

What is a Service Policy?

  • Do your employees understand who the Customer is?
  • How do you measure compliance or more importantly non compliance?

Compare your policy with ours. If you don’t have one, feel free to copy from us.

RMACS Service Policy

It is the obligation of each RMACS employee to understand the concept of customer service and the protocol that relate to our policy.

A customer is an owner, subcontractor, engineer, or RMACS employee that is the recipient of our services.  It is the policy of our company to:

  • Provide the ultimate service possible to each and every customer
  • Never expect the customer to wait for service
  • Never involve the customer in the corrective action unless his or her participation is mandatory
  • Always give customer honest information
  • Every RMACS employee is a Service Provider who guarantees Customer Satisfaction

Execution of this policy is elaborated by the following three case studies:

Case Study No. 1

The electrical subcontractor is working on a project.  The work effort is compliant with contract documents.  All project submittals are submitted commence rant with work effort.  Subcontractor fails to submit timely monthly invoice.

Service Policy:

The Project Manager (Service Provider) is expected to contact subcontractor and expedite preparation of invoice.  Approved invoice should be processed expeditiously.  If required Project Manager (Service Provider) will assist the subcontractor in whatever way possible to assure progress payment is processed.  If required Project Manager may need to visit subcontractor office to assist in preparation of legitimate invoice.

Summary Comment:

RMACS Project Manager realized that in this situation the subcontractor was the customer.  RMACS service provider took measures to assure that the subcontractor was served in compliance with our service policy.

Case Study No. 2

Transfer of responsibility to alternate service provider

Service provides:  RMACS Project Coordinator
:  Material Subcontractor
:  Submittals are needed to expedite material delivery

Case example:

Subcontractor (Customer) calls RMACS Project Coordinator (Service Provider) and informs the coordinator that their submittal needs to be returned in the next 5 days to allow materials to be on site in compliance with the project work schedule.  Project Coordinator gives the subcontractor the name and phone number of A.E. representative so subcontractor can make an inquiry on status of submittal.

Service Policy:

It is the policy of RMACS to not invite the customer in the corrective action unless his participation is mandatory.

Summary Comment:

The RMACS Service Provides failed to accept responsibility for helping the customer resolve the problem.  Project Coordinator’s proper action should have been to personally contact A.E. representative and personally expedite return of submittal documents.  If required Project Coordinator should have solicited support of Project Manager to guarantee prompt response to the problem.

Case Study No. 3

A guest arrives at a hotel for an overnight stay.  The guest’s party has an 8:00 am appointment.  The hotel restaurant which is on the 7th floor of the hotel opens at 7:00 am.  The guests decide to arrive at the restaurant early to assure prompt service so the meeting schedule can be met.  The guest enters the hotel elevator at 6:30 am to find that the elevator access to the 7th floor is locked out.  The guest takes the stair tower to the 7th floor.

The guest party enters the restaurant of 6:45 am.  The Manager behind the register desk is noticeably upset.  The Manager instructs the guests to leave the restaurant and return after 7:00 am.  While the guest is explaining his problem of an early appointment the morning waitress overhears the manager and greets the guest.  She explains that there will not be a problem seating the guests early.  The waitress takes the order and has the guest served by 6:50 am.  The guest is very pleased and leaves the restaurant feeling privileged knowing that the waitress met his special needs.


What was the restaurants primary mission?


To serve the customer and satisfy their needs.


If the restaurant had the capacity to greet the guests early was the 7:00 am time schedule significant?


The Manager had lost site of the primary mission.  The waitress (most likely driven by tips) understood the importance of special needs.  Special needs are an opportunity to prove to a customer that he is appreciated and every attempt will be made to meet his needs.


In any service oriented company all employees need to be aware of the primary mission.  As a service providing company RMACS employees need to be aware of the fact that service is our primary mission.  Never let protocol cause you to limit your service potential.  Special service is an opportunity to guarantee that a customer reaches his or her highest level of satisfaction.

At RMACS it is our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations.  In addition a basic understanding of who could be a customer is essential.  Customers could be co-workers, engineers, owners, subcontractors, or anybody else who could be a recipient of an individual’s service.


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